Location & Climate


Cliff View Ayurveda Retreat is located on the picturesque Malabar Coast in the south Indian state of Kerala. From Trivandrum International Airport (Thiruvananthapuram) we are about 30 minutes away by car (about 20 kilometers/12miles south). Cliff View Ayurveda Retreat is located on a plateau about 30 meters above the sea. Its tropical scenery is closed to the village of Chowara. To the southern tip of India (Cape Comorin), it is about 80 Km/50miles.

The destination is also well known for its interesting historical and cultural beauties with its palaces and temples, traditional villages, national parks, rice paddies and tea plantations, as well as its flora and fauna.

If you also want to do some sightseeing tours besides a relaxing Ayurveda therapy, it makes sense to plan this before or after the treatment. See also: Google Maps


Kerala lies near the equator. Based on that the tropical climate is pleasant throughout the year. One can divide the seasons into three broad categories:

Summer: March to May

Temperatures rise steadily from March and culminate in May with an average temperature of 30 ° C. During these months, the precipitation is always low, and in May there is little rain.

Monsoon Season: June to October

June until August has the typical rain periods of the monsoon, but does not necessarily mean you can’t go out between showers. The humidity is higher, the temperatures are about 29 ° C. According to traditional teaching, this time, June-September is highly recommended for Ayurveda treatment. Since the climate conditions support the treatment and enhance the effect of the therapies.

Winter: November to February

These months are considered as high season due to the temperate climate. Low humidity and showers ensure pleasant temperatures around 28 °.