Dear Guest,

I hope you and your family are safe and in good health.

Th­is pandemic has taken a heavy toll on all of us – mentally, physically, and economically, over the past year. But we have to move on; we have to be resilient. To live with this COVID-19 pandemic and accept the New Normal.

Many of our Guest have contacted us to know about when they can come back and continue their treatment. Just leaving the world behind for a while and healing amidst beautiful natural spaces lifts their spirits, but more than that, it is the holistic approach to wellbeing that treats the disease and not just the symptoms that they need the most.

After all, if the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that good health is the most important thing in the world. So, as we start admitting guest again at Cliffview Ayurveda, it’s important for you to know what to expect in the New Normal.

­The first thing you should know is that we take Guest safety very seriously. As many of the treatments involve close contact with the therapist, yoga instructor, and doctor, we have our team already vaccinated and enhanced our safety standards to be COVID-19 proof. We have carefully followed the safety instructions from the World Health Organisation, the Indian Government Ministry of Health, AYUSH, and industry experts, to meticulously plan our operations at the hospitals, making sure that there are strict Standard Operating Procedures for maintaining social distancing, hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene, and overall cleanliness & sanitisation.

A dedicated core team of Cliffview leaders have been put in place to execute our enhanced safety procedures as we welcome you back again. Our entire team is extremely appreciative of the measures we are taking for your safety as well as theirs and have complete confidence that the Standard Operating Procedures we are enforcing will ensure you are able to heal without any added stress. ­

The following information will give you an insight into the measures taken at Ayurveda Hospitals to ensure your safety, while you continue our treatments that heal body, mind, and soul.

­Tank you!
Your Cliffview Team

1) General Information

a) We have appointed a COVID-19 Safety Officer to execute these enhanced measures for the complete safety of our guest and staff.

b) Our COVID-19 committee which consists of our Safety Officers headed by the

Managing Director will closely interact with the local health department and will always be up to date on the latest safety measures.

c) If you or any member exhibits COVID-19 like symptoms, including fever, breathlessness, dry cough or sore throat; we will follow all the government protocols such as isolating the person as a precaution and notifying the local health department so that the best care possible can be made available.

d) If you need to be isolated, we have special rooms demarcated for that purpose.

e) ­The Standard Operating Procedures have been modified to incorporate COVID-19 protocols with a focus on:

Basic personal hygiene protocols, hand hygiene, social distancing, and respiratory hygiene. Thorough screening of guest , healthcare team, and vendors.

Highest standards of cleaning and sanitation to disinfect or quarantine all contact surfaces.

2) Booking process

a) Please visit our website – for more information on the medical conditions we treat at the retreat or get in touch with our team for a better understanding.

b) If you have been vaccinated for COVID-19, Do carry the original certificate while travelling. Every guest will need to undergo an RTPCR test prior to entering the state. ­The test needs to be done 48 hours prior to entering the state, for domestic travellers; and 72 hours prior to entering the state, for international travellers. The RTPCR negative test result needs to be submitted at the time of arrival to Cliffview. Please continue to follow all safety and hygiene protocols as there have been cases of vaccinated people contracting COVID-19.

c) Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is very important that you share your travel history accurately.

3) Arrival

a) On arrival, please wash your hands thoroughly at the entry point. A COVID-19 safety kit will also be provided to you.

b) Our Registration Team will give you a warm welcome while still following all the protocols such as social distancing and hand hygiene.

c) If the test report is positive, we will implement all the government protocols such as isolating the person as a precaution and notifying the local health department so that the best care possible can be made available.

4) Registration and Discharge

Our pre-registration form will be sent to you online. ­The ID proof required can be submitted in advance, digitally. However, you must present this same ID proof during registration for validation. In case of foreign nationals, passport and visa documents need to be submitted on arrival.

5) Luggage

a) All luggage and handbags will be sanitised before sending them to your room.

b) To ensure your safety, luggage will be handed over to you by the door itself. Our team will help you if you need any assistance while following all safety protocols.

c) At the time of discharge, please place your luggage outside the room by the door, from where it will be collected by us. Luggage will be sanitised before it is loaded into the vehicle after it is verified by you.

6) Travel, Cars & Drivers

a) Our vehicles are sanitised before and after every ride.

b) As a Precaution, we ask our patients to not occupy the seat next to the driver.

c)The driver will be wearing a mask and gloves.

d)You can greet the driver with a warm and traditional “Namaste” with folded hands instead of a handshake.

7) Common Areas

a) Hand hygiene facilities are available at multiple points for convenience. Please make use of them frequently.

b) All pavements, pathways, parking, and back areas are sanitised at regular intervals.

c) All touchpoints, interior and exterior furniture will be frequently sanitised by our team.

8) Consultation & Treatment

a) ­The enhanced safety and hygiene protocols for the treatment room and consultation room will be shared in detail at the clinic.

b) To maintain social distancing, please only use the time slot assigned to you.

c) Please wear a mask during consultations, as recommended by WHO and Government of Kerala.

d)The consultation rooms will be sanitised after every patient visit.

e) Consultation protocols will be shared by the doctors.

f) Please sanitise your hands before entering the treatment facility.

g) Our therapists will be wearing the required protective gear and all treatment rooms will be disinfected to international standards.

h) Dedicated therapists will be assigned to each patient.

i) Any equipment used for treatment will be fully sanitised after every treatment and at regular intervals.

j) Our medical team will assist you in maintaining social distancing. Please follow their guidance.

k) We will provide you with your own personalised linen for your treatment.

l) Please dispose of any waste in the assigned and segregated waste bins.

9) Yoga & Meditation

a) New, sanitised Yoga mats will be issued to you when you arrive. Please use only your mat during all Yoga & Meditation sessions. Please take care of it, keep it in your room when not in use, and feel free to take it with you when you leave.

b) Guest must use the hand sanitiser provided at the entry to the Yoga & Meditation venues.

c) ­ Yoga sessions will be conducted with appropriate social distancing measures.

10) Rooms

a) Rooms that are vacated by guest are quarantined for 24 hours and sanitised as per International Standards.

b) To practice social distancing and safety, we will reduce the entry of staff into your room. In case of your luggage, room service, etc. the staff will hand over the items at the door.

c) To maintain social distancing, housekeeping services will be provided during your treatment time. In case you are in the room, you will be requested to wait outside.

d) Amenities will be available on request after sanitisation and the list of available amenities will be provided to you.

e) To reduce the surface areas that require frequent washing, we will be temporarily removing mats, throw pillows, bed runners, etc.

11) Laundry

a) Soiled linen is quarantined for 24 hrs and then sanitised at 70°C with an approved detergent.

b) Please put your clothes in the laundry bag, enter your details in the laundry card, and keep it outside your room.

c) Laundry will be returned in a sanitised basket.

12) Dining room

a) Tables are spaced apart to maintain the required social distancing.

b) Please follow the timings for your prescribed diet.

c) Food will be pre-plated and served.

d) Food will be served by personnel wearing the appropriate (gloves, masks, etc.)

e) All dining room furniture will be sanitised and your meal placed on the table only when you occupy the seat.

f) All cutlery, crockery, flatware, and glassware will be sanitised.

13) Kitchen and Material Receiving

a) Kitchen surfaces and doors are cleaned and disinfected using approved disinfectants at regular intervals.

b) All items received are either quarantined or sanitised at the time of receiving them.

c) Primary packaging material is disposed of in the receiving area itself.

14) Staff

a) Even though our staff have been vaccinated, to maintain utmost caution, our Retreat will continue to operate under a safety bubble because we will be attending to elderly guest , and the safety of our guests, staff, and community is our utmost priority.

b) To ensure proper social distancing, we will be temporarily operating with a reduced workforce.

c) Staff, contractors, and vendors are screened with IR Scanners and their body temperatures will be recorded.

d) All staff will be following the COVID-19 safety protocols as laid down by the health authorities.

e) Our staff take these safety measures very seriously and are dedicated to following the Standard Operating Procedures for cleaning and sanitising the rooms as per the guidelines from the health department, as well as international best practices.

f) To ensure a bio-secure environment for your treatments, it is mandatory for all assigned therapists to undergo a COVID-19 test and their movements are contained within the perimeters/ areas pre-defined. Also, a fresh test is conducted the moment the staff re-join after their duty break.

g) Staff will undergo mandatory health check- ups every months.

h) ­The Indian Government’s Aarogya Setu COVID-19 Safety App has been installed by all our staff.

15) Safety measures to be taken by Guest

a) If you have symptoms like fever, sore throat, or a common cold, please consider postponing your treatment until you feel better.

b) Please maintain respiratory etiquette and hygiene at all times and follow all the guidelines prescribed by the Retreat for your safety.

c) Please reconfirm your departure date and time with the Registration Desk. ­This will help us plan our extended cleaning and disinfection processes.

d) Wearing a mask is one of the best forms of protection available to us and we ask you to wear one when stepping outside your room. Wearing a mask is also recommended by WHO and Government of Kerala.

e) Please do change your mask every 6 hrs. You will be provided a fresh pair of masks every day.

f) If you start to exhibit COVID-like symptoms including fever, cough or breathing difficulties, please follow the government protocols, which will be clearly communicated to you.

g) Please deposit your mask in the Zip Lock pouch kept in the laundry bag.

h) You will ‑find hand hygiene facilities throughout the premises. Please use them as often as you can.

i) Kindly keep yourself updated on the guidelines issued by the Government of Kerala and the Government of India.

j) Social distancing is required to be maintained in all common areas. Please note that the above guidelines are subject to revisions at short notice based on State and Central Government Guidelines.